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Olymvax was Invited to the Annual Conference on Health Industry - the CPEO Summit

From August 16th, 2017 to the 21th, the CPEO(China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Co-operation and Development Organization) Summit, the Annual Conference on Health Industry was held in Boao, Hainan Province, which was sponsored by Sinohealth Intelligence.

During the conference, the "CHIS Health Industry Capital Summit", themed with new opportunity for health industryalso took place on August 20th. CHIS is the acronyms of China Health Industry Intelligence Information System.


In the investors connection: roadshow for startup projectsstage, represented by the Board secretary Mr. Wei Wu, Olymvax made a 20 minutes presentation, sharing the history, R&D pipeline, Production capacity and Company strategy.

It is reported that the summit has attracted more than 80 Class II market fund investments, preferring for health industry, more than 30 domestic and foreign top VC, PE institutions, many mainstream brokers, lawyers, accountants and financial advisers.