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Olymvax obtained the Authentication Certificate of Intellectual Property Management System

From February 6th to 7th, 2018, the Olymvax's intellectual property management system received the on-site audit and certification of Zhonggui (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. The audit team strictly complied with the requirements of the “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Regulations” (NationalStandard GB/T29490-2013) and conducted on-site audits for different departments involved in intellectual property rights. After strict on-site auditing, Zhonggui (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd fully affirmed Olymvax’s IP management system and recommended that it be certified and issued the certification.

On February 11th, Olymvax received the “Authentication Certificate of Intellectual Property Management System” (Certificate No. 18118IP0584R0M), which indicates that the company has moved forwarded in the standardization management of intellectual property, the use of intellectual property, and the prevention of intellectual property risks. In the fully implementing of  the innovation-driven development strategy, the company will take priority of the role of intellectual property in R&D, production and marketing, continuously strengthen its core competitiveness, and provide more and better products to the society.