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Olymvax wins Innovation and Entrepreneurship Stars

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The 2018 Chengdu High-tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Star Awards Project is designed and implemented by the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in accordance with the Policies for Further Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development in Chengdu High-tech Zone (Chenggao Shuangchuang (2018) No. 9). This awards aims to encourage excellent enterprise with high-speed growth and continuous innovation.

"2018 Chengdu High-tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship Stars Winners List"

1.Chengdu Huaqi Cloud Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Olymvax Biopharmaceuticals Inc.

3.Chengdu Twenty-three Rubik's Cube Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

4.Chengdu Yitong Technology Co., Ltd.

5.Chengdu Zhuohang Network Technology Co., Ltd.

6.Sichuan Aoshi Technology Co., Ltd.

7.Sichuan Xingwang Yunlian Technology Co., Ltd.

8.Sichuan Tianzhongxing Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.

9,Chengdu Mengxiang Technology Co., Ltd.

10.Chengdu Xinjin Electronics Co., Ltd.