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Group A Streptococcus Liposomal Vaccine
Group A Streptococcus Liposomal Vaccine

Group A streptococcus (GAS) diseases take 90% of streptococcal infection. GAS infection lead to over 111 million prevalent cases of streptococcal pyoderma, and 616 million new cases of GAS pharyngitis each year. Serious infections such as cellulitis,erysipelas, necrotic fasciitis, sepsis, ARF or PSGN can be resulted when the organism spreads to contiguous sites or disseminates to deep tissues.

There are nearly 150 serotypes of GAS, but there is no cross immunity among them. This property makes it particularly difficult to treat and prevent the GAS infections.Thus, a vaccine capable of preventing GAS infections from different serotypes becomes a good solution.

Milestones in the progress of GAS vaccine research
  • 1990s
    Beginning of the study of GAS vaccine.
  • 2014
    GAS vaccine the first generation came up successfully
  • Jul. 2016
    Initiating of the pre-clinical study of GAS liposomal vaccine,the second generation
  • Plan on 2019
    File for the clinical application
  • Plan on 2024
    Launch of the GAS liposomal vaccine
Our Advantages
  • 1
    The vaccine is designed from the conserved domains of the GAS structure, it is expected to prevent all the infections of more than 150 GAS serotypes.
  • 2
    It is a needle-free, inhaled vaccine. With the help of liposome technology, active pharmaceutical ingredients of the vaccine can be encapsulated in a microballoon
  • 3
    It is a co-developed product with Griffith University, Olymvax was granted the exclusive license of greater China
Protection against GAS infection
Who is susceptible to GAS?
Healthy people are the carrier of GAS, mostly in the nasopharynx and skin. All people are susceptible to GAS, especially the kids and the elder
Prevention and control
GAS spreads from person to person via respiratory droplets. Patients and carriers should be treated in a timely manner to control the infection source. In addition, the disinfection should include the air, equipment and dressings. As for patients with acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis, especially children, they must be cured completely to prevent acute glomerulonephritis, rheumatic fever and subacute bacterial endocarditis. Meanwhile, better to prevent colds. Reported by WHO in June 2016, there are approximately 18.1 million people currently suffer from a serious GAS disease, another 1.78 million new cases occur each year, and these diseases are responsible for over 500,000 deaths each year
Innovation, We Are Acting
Keeping an open attitude, pursuit the best-in-class product

Olymvax sticks to its internalization strategy, co-established the joint laboratory with Griffith University for the development of the new drug. Up to today, throughout the world, there was no GAS vaccine that against all the 150 serotypes as the one codeveloped by Olymvax and Griffith University underd eveloping. The product is expected to be marketed in the year 2024.

Olymvax Commits Safety and Reliability

As for that GAS liposomal vaccine is a Class 1 new drug that has not been put into the market worldwidely, we guarantee that we will have abundant study data and reports to proven its safety and efficacy. Our clinical trial design standard will refer to the requirements on the clinical trials for new drugs of both China and Euro-american countries. Strict clinical trials’ management will make our data more reliable, and the safety and efficacy of the vaccine after its marketing can be ensured.